Transition Technologies S.A.

We are a Capital Group composed of many companies operating in the IT market. We enjoy the trust of our clients in our services for over 25 years.

We provide solutions that improve the quality of treatment

MedStream Designer helps doctors and medical facilities managers the use of the data contained in the hospital system to their needs.

In clinical trials, our analysts help developing statistics and creating predictive models.

We implement Data Science projects. With the help of data, we are looking for answers for the most effective therapy path or facility management.

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Our solutions allow our partners to use the full potential of knowledge hidden in thousands of medical data. We use the latest technologies and ensure that the use of our solutions is intuitive for the user.

We have perennial experience in the development of IT services

We combine the most technologically advanced IT systems with business, providing proprietary solutions for selected sectors of the economy: medicine, energetics, gas industry and industry.

Cooperation with research centers

We work with research centers. The actions of one of our teams have enabled the identification of groups with an increased risk of developing hereditary cancers.

Top R&D company

We are one of the most investing companies in R&D in the Polish IT sector. Thanks to this, we create innovative products for leading economic sectors.

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Piotr Pecko

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