Stopping epilepsy before it is too late – together with 15 international partners, IPCZD is identifying the most promising therapies and biomarkers to prevent progression of the disease. Transition Technologies S.A. has a leading role in data validation and is preparing the analysis for the clinical and genetic data axis. The first step in any analysis is the initial reading of the data axis.

Reporting from the clinical research study uses the R/LaTeX toolbase:

  • Analysis of 33TB of data (including clinical, protein chemistry and genetic data)
  • Platform for document control, transparency and reproducibility
  • Platform for explanation of anomalies and data errors
  • Complete statistical service (data skimming from eCRF, validation, group comparisons: means, ratios, risk, multidimensional modelling)
  • Modern machine learning algorithms combined to search data for hidden and counterintuitive dependencies