We offer clinical data analysis services based on statistics and Machine Learning methods

Progressive computerization results in a rapid increase in the number of digital medical records. We are able to process this data so as to support the development of science and improve the quality of diagnostics and therapy.

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We have research experience

Our solutions are appreciated by doctors and researchers.


We take care of all scientific requirements and procedures, including the acceptability of our analyses by scientific reviewers.

Data Science

The use of Data Science methods makes it possible to draw conclusions about treatment and predict the patient’s response to the therapy used. It also allows the analysis of medical images and sound signals from the stethoscope.


We prepare the IT infrastructure for the research project, including data collection and storage, and the eCRF system for collecting clinical information.


The programming environment we use ensures automation of calculations and ensures full transparency and reproducibility of the code.

We help in clinical trials

We combine statistical methods with Machine Learning to meet the challenges of clinical trials.

Collect data
We combine and analyse data from various sources as part of research projects whose analysis, by methods known so far, is often impossible due to the size of the data, the rate of increase and diversity.

Explore data
We perform preliminary familiarisation with data, i.e. their types, scope, size or missing data.

We prepare interactive visualisations that allow checking the correctness of collected data and are used to plan further research experiments.

We use statistical methods to look for statistical significance in our analyses.

Our classifiers predict, for example, the risk of epilepsy in a child, evaluate throat and ear pictures for their diagnostics and automatically detect breaths and pulse in sound signals from the stethoscope.


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