Discover the tool for big sets of medical data analysis gathered in hospital systems

MedStream is a unique tool prepared for doctors and medical personnel, designed to support the analysis of big sets of medical data. We used the experience of doctors and people creating HIS systems to remove all barriers regarding the use of data for large-scale analyses.

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Designed for easy medical data analysis

Clinical pathways analysis

In MedStream Designer doctors can generate analyses using insight into the data of thousands of patients treated in a given facility and monitor their treatment paths.

Graphical interface
Creating advanced queries for medical database of the hospital using the “drag and drop” graphical interface.

Patients selection
Browsing patients’ history in the hospital database according to any cause-and-effect criteria in the treatment scenario.

Medical data analysis
Generating any detailed analyses with the possibility of entering time parameters. This allows determining what incidents or occurrences has the patient had and in what time cycle.

Treatment cost assessment

MedStream Designer improves the work of healthcare facilities managers. It allows using the HIS system as a source of information to assess the costs of treatment.

Cost reduction
Unassisted analysis of big database and comprehensive reports in minutes. It allows not only saving money but most importantly time.

Monitoring the quality of treatment
Comparative analyses covering the full range of data from the HIS hospital system.

Medical cost analysis
The integration of hospital medical data into one database allows preparing a balance of costs and revenues based on individual clinics, wards or even physicians.


The tool functions are adapted to each stage of the data analysis.

Ikona czyszczenia danych
Data cleaning mechanism

MedStream Designer helps to import the external data guaranteeing their consistency.

Ikona wizualizacji danych
Data visualisation module

A wide-scale of charts allows discovering patterns and trends as well as the distribution of features analysis.

Ikona eksportu danych do XSLX lub CSV
Data export to XSLX or CSV

Exporting the obtained data to Excel or a CSV file allows their further, advanced analysis.


Designed in cooperation with doctors

We created MedStream in cooperation with doctors. New functionalities – useful from the future user perspective – were added along the process of creating the solution.

Selection of data according to medical criteria
Instant search and grouping patients according to such criteria as given medications, laboratory results, medical procedures performed (using the ICD-9 classification), medical notes and descriptive results, hospital stays and diagnoses (according to ICD-10)

Electronic medical records
Information about the age and sex of the patient as well as the number of the history of the disease. All this so that medical records could be electronically analysed.

IT knowledge is not required in order to operate the system
The tool training lasts a maximum of 2 hours.

Useful in conducting scientific projects

After implementing MedStream in a hospital, a research doctor can, within minutes, obtain the same set of data which previously they would collect for several weeks.

Access to retrospective data
Easy access to data shortens the time of analyses and facilitates retrospective research on big data sets.

Easy patient classification
A patients’ cohort meeting the inclusion / exclusion criteria can be quickly identified.

Searching medical notes
Option of a full-text search of medical notes and thus reaching information not classified in tables or in basic system fields.

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